A Kosher Wedding is a traditional Jewish ceremony, which requires special considerations on the part of your caterer. We’re here to make sure that your event goes exactly the way you want it to. Below are some of the requirements for a Kosher event:

  • In order to be considered kosher, the entire meal must be certified as being 100% kosher
  • Kosher food can’t contain any meat or dairy products – this includes eggs and vegetables
  • The bride and groom are not allowed to eat anything from the dinner table during the reception
  • There are many types of foods that can be served at a kosher wedding, including fish dishes, vegetarian options like pizza and pasta, fruit salads with cottage cheese for dessert
  • If you’re planning on serving alcohol at your wedding, make sure it’s brewed without any trace of yeast or added sugar

It’s important to know what kind of cuisine you want when choosing your menu, because there will likely only be one option to avoid cross-contamination. You should also consider whether guests will need special accommodations such as vegan or gluten-free menus in order to enjoy their meals.

Luckily, Inspired Events is an experienced and certified Miami caterer that follows current food safety protocols to assure a truly Kosher event. At Inspired Events, we’ve been catering for Kosher weddings and other events in the Greater Miami area since 2000. We understand how to prepare food that is not only delicious but also meets religious dietary requirements.

Contact us today if you need a caterer! Whether it’s cocktail hour or dinner service, we can help with every aspect of your event from start to finish.

What are some of your favorite foods served at Jewish wedding dinners? Let us know so that we can add them to our list of offerings!