Your dream wedding is one of the most special days of your life that you want to be perfect in every way. One of the essential elements of your wedding plan is choosing the right catering service that will leave your guests impressed but also keep you stress-free, happy, and relaxed. But it’s not that easy, and most couples make many mistakes that can break or make the success of their wedding day. In this article, we’ll cover the top 10 catering mistakes brides must avoid when planning their wedding. You will also learn why you shouldn’t use certain services when selecting your wedding caterer and the consequences of doing so.

The Top 10 Catering Mistakes to Avoid

1 – Waiting too long to book a caterer: Booking a caterer should actually be one of your first priorities as the top wedding caterers get booked months in advance. Waiting too long may result in fewer options or settling for a less-than-ideal menu. At Inspired Events, we recommend you decide on a venue first (since this usually dictates the event date), and then the caterer.

2 – Not tasting the food beforehand: Don’t make the mistake of not tasting your chosen caterer’s food before your big day. Arrange a tasting appointment to confirm that everything is to your satisfaction and the quality you expect. Inspired Events hosts tastings each month for the convenience of our clientele.

3 – Ignoring special dietary needs: Make sure to communicate the dietary needs of your guests with your chosen caterer. By not doing so, you risk guests not having adequate meal options. Rather than including a long list of options on your invitation, many of our brides simply ask for a certain amount of vegetarian/gluten free options be set aside in the event that a dietary restriction arises.

4 – Not checking the venue’s restrictions: Some venues may restrict outside catering or may have kitchen equipment that caterers need to be aware of. This is another reason that we recommend the venue is booked first. Once you know your venue, Inspired Events can discuss the nuances of their space with you, and help guide your planning.

5 – Not getting sufficient references: Don’t make the mistake of only relying on the catering service’s website or reviews on Wedding Wire or The Knot. Many of these platforms allow paid advertisers. Seek out more references to ensure the caterer has a good reputation.

6 – Focusing on price only: Undoubtedly, pricing is an important aspect when it comes to selecting a caterer. However, don’t make the mistake of primarily focusing on pricing and forgetting about the quality of food and service.

7 – Not including staff service: Assume that if you are hiring a catering service, it also means needing staff. Your trusted friends and family should be able to relax and enjoy your event. Make sure to hire enough staff to serve, maintain the cleanliness of the venue, and wrap up at the end of the night. Inspired Events includes staff in all of our event packages, and they’re absolute professionals.

8 – Over or underestimating the food: Over-ordering food means that you could be spending money that you don’t need to, and under-ordering food means that your guests wouldn’t get to taste the culinary offerings that you want them to enjoy. Make sure that you have somebody confirming your guest count leading up to your wedding, and that you discuss your “final count” due date with your caterer. The final count day is the date that the caterer intends to begin placing their food supply orders, and staffing for the event. After this date, changes are much more difficult to accommodate.

9 – Not asking about other services: If you want it, ask for it! If it’s not on the menu, ask for it anyway! We love to recreate family favorite recipes, unique drinks, and beloved staples from other cultures.

10 – Using bulk food delivery service: Services like EZCater are usually bulk food delivery services, meaning that they do not staff your event, provide linens, provide bar service, or other services that most traditional caterers provide. We love our friends at EZCater, but they are not equipped to handle intimate events.

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable moments of your life, and you need the caterer you hire to make it a success. Don’t hesitate to be thorough with your research and to taste test. Avoiding these ten common catering mistakes will help you achieve your dream wedding day and will ensure that everyone’s tummies are full and happy. Remember, it’s essential to hire a reliable and experienced catering service to make your wedding day a success.