Everyone has dreamed of their perfect wedding and has had questions about their perfect dress, first dance, and delicious food for the guests. For an amazing celebration, you must have a wedding planning checklist so that you can make the most important day of your life the perfect one. There are a lot of things that one needs to keep in mind for the big day.

  • Venue Site

The most important thing before planning anything else is to decide the venue for your wedding day. You can have a conversation with your fiancé about defining the site by keeping in mind some important issues, such as if you’d like to have an outdoor or indoor wedding. How experienced and efficient is the venue’s staff? Does this venue’s structure work for your specific catering plans? Does it have a kitchen? Does it have a bridal room? What menu do they offer as per your wedding time? Can it make accommodation for the number of guests you are going to invite?

  • Budget

The next important thing is budget setting and making a list of your priorities from 1 to 10. It is your big day and after all you want to make it perfect in every aspect. Depending upon where you live, check out what things you can compromise on to save money. Spending less or more is all your choice.

  • Guests

After deciding the place and budget and listing all of your priorities, you must think of the guests. How many guests is your budget accounting for? How many is the maximum you can invite?  Can you compromise on the number of guests? Can you invite more people to the same budget with less expensive wedding venue? It is better to remove stressful things earlier rather than regretting it later. Have a clear idea of how the number of guests may vary and account for any issues that may arise.

  • Catering

Catering is the number one thing where you have to decide when it comes to the number of people attending. The tables and seating will be crucial to making your wedding dinner a success, keep in mind where you want everyone to be. Also, decide on whether you want an open bar or cocktail hour as well. For open bar, the arrangement of glassware and liquor and beverages is quite important, depending upon the nature of your guests.

  • Wedding Date

Determining the date is a major factor that is going to impact your wedding in a detailed way. Go through all the possible dates and cross check them with the activities in your city. If there is going to be a festival in those days, costs may vary and you may need more money. For example, if you are deciding to get married on December 31st, then it is going to cost you four times more than usual. Things and services can get expensive in such days.

  • Sample Scheduling

Take time out of your routine and go for sample collection, like flowers, cake and food tasting. Make notes as you can forget. Walk through your venue; make sure you like the DJ, and other things that are important to you.

  • Final Words

All you plan for your wedding is going to help you when the day comes and will save you from potential panic situations. Make a list of things to keep in mind, like the guests, wedding date, and budget.