Do you want to include children in your wedding? Inspired Events is here to help. With our tips for wedding planning, we hope that this blog post will inspire you to make your special day as stress-free and inclusive as possible!

Children are a big part of many families. They are the next generation and deserve some consideration when it comes time for one of their parents to tie the knot. Inspired Events has been helping couples create flawless weddings since 2010 with our expertise in event planning services.

While some weddings are decidedly child-free from the beginning, we know that not everyone wants a child-free wedding. There are ways to manage them and make them feel included. Here’s how!

  • Provide a kids’ table. By positioning your younger guests together, parents can keep a watchful eye on that table while enjoying adult conversation.
  • Include children in the ceremony and have them participate.
  • Have age appropriate activities for their attention during your reception, such as games or face painting tables.
  • Discuss child-friendly meals with your caterer. With advance notice, these can be accommodated and served to the children alongside the regular menu. Or, create a wedding website and let parents know that picky eaters can bring their own meal to be stored in the kitchen until dinner time.
  • Send out invitations that include the children’s names on them, so they feel included from the start!

Don’t forget to include Inspired Events! Our all-inclusive wedding packages can be customized to include little luxuries that make your day perfect.