Planning a successful corporate event is most times a difficult task to pull off. The smallest mistakes on behalf of the planner can be chaotic. Whether it’s choosing the wrong venue with deficient parking, poor quality food, power failures, or important guests not arriving on time. It’s the planner’s responsibility to take these problems into account and have a contingency plan to solve any unanticipated hiccups that may suddenly arise to ruin the event. 

1. What are the Event’s Goals?

When it comes to corporate events, good food and
drinks are not the only measures of success. What are you hoping to achieve?
Are you looking to encourage your team in celebration of meeting the yearly
sales goal? Are you looking to network and maybe close some new clients? Are
you trying to solidify the relationships you have with current clients? Make
sure that the event is aimed at the answer to these questions!

2. Did you pick the Right Date?

This is
critical to the success of your event. Take into account key dates, such as
holidays or events going on in your community. An important event being hosted
during nearby dates may affect your number of attendees. Also consider that
attendees will need a heads up and some time in order to plan ahead to attend,
and how much time you’ll need to make sure your event is perfect.

3. Create a Dream Team

Who will be
in charge of the event? Whether it’s you or a key employee, someone needs to
take responsibility and handle all the details, along a team who can also make
sure to keep all aspects of the event moving smoothly. Making sure
responsibilities are properly assigned helps you be sure that all small things
are taken care of without the need to micromanage.

4. Follow up

Even after
the event’s date, you’re not done yet. Next step is to follow up with those who
attended to thank them and offer them a little something extra! This may be a
discount, a free trial, or maybe an invitation to your next event. Ask them to
give you some feedback on how they felt about the next event. Were they amazed?
Was the experience satisfying? Is there something that can be improved? Review
the results of the event and measure how well your goals were achieved. After
doing this for some time, you will most likely come up with your own way to
track your success!