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So how will you make your proposal the perfect memory?


  • The things you have done together.
  • Her hobbies and special interests
  • Travels you have done together.
  • Your most memorable moments together.
  • Your funniest moments together.

With these thoughts in mind, you can easily come up with a way to personalize the special moment. The more personal you make it, the better. Figure out a way to connect deeply and evoke strong emotions. Plan the location and then plan the moment, including what you will say. This isn’t the time to improvise. Make it thoughtful.

It’s important that you keep it a surprise; so planning a special getaway is a great way to disguise your intentions. Also, don’t wait until Valentine’s night to pop the question. There are several benefits to proposing early during the day at a romantic brunch, or a romantic activity. She won’t be expecting it while you sip on mimosas. It will be just as romantic and far more surprising.

Make it memorable

Whether you propose on Valentine’s or any other day. Don’t let your big moment be swept away amidst all the other happy couples! Try to get your friends and families involved, possibly waiting somewhere after the proposal to celebrate. Also, consider documenting the proposal. If your loved one is the type that loves to share photos on social media, then she will really appreciate you hiring a photographer to capture the moment.

Make sure she’s dressed up and ready for the big moment

Think about how she would want to look for this very special occasion. Is she the kind of girl that would be terrified to be wearing jeans on the big day? Make sure to tell her something that’ll get her feel beautiful for the pictures!

Avoid restaurants

Surely you’ll want the spotlight to be on your special moment, so it’s crucial that you avoid loud, crowded, and distracting places. If you’re set on proposing over dinner, cook it together as part of the proposal. It’ll be fun and romantic!

Don’t hide the ring in a ridiculous place. This includes but is not limited to; in a champagne glass, a box of chocolates, or anywhere you can lose it or easily forget about it.

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