The Curtiss Mansion

Best known for its romantic bridge and elegant stone archway, The Curtiss Mansion is a charming historical landmark.

History of Curtiss Mansion

The historic Curtiss Mansion was once the home of aviation pioneer Glenn Hammond Curtiss. Built in 1925, The mansion is now beautifully restored to its original splendor and listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Located just north from Miami International Airport in beautiful Miami Springs, Florida – founded by Mr. Curtis himself! With distinctive architectural details and a rich history that includes Lena who also played an integral role as ‘The Mother Of Aviation’ for her amazing contributions; it’s no wonder this location has been chosen time after time for weddings, events, and photography.

What is the capacity at Curtiss Mansion?

The capacity at Curtiss Mansion varies by the area on the property. From the beautiful gardens to the expanded courtyard, the versatility of the mansion is perfect for celebrations both large and intimate.

What is the event curfew at Curtiss Mansion?

At the Mansion, all outdoor music must be turned off by 11 PM, however, you can continue the party in the living room until midnight.

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Spanish Monastery weddings - Inspired Events
Wedding package at Curtiss Mansion
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